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Maintain Your Dream Home

Have you been keeping up with the kardashians more than you are keeping up with your home repairs and maintenance? Like most homeowners, you want to protect your investment but it can seem tedious and burdensome when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Don’t fret, these 4 ways to maintain your dream home simplifies the process and puts you in more control of your investment.

Eco-Friendly Kid Rooms

Eco-Friendly Kid Rooms   Decorating Ideas  Children’s rooms are areas of great concern for most parents and caregivers as well so try these decorating ideas for eco-friendly kid rooms! Whenever you want to change the colors of your furniture or the room itself, renovate their rooms or more you will need to consider a more eco-friendly approach to the job […]

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Dining Room Decorating

Dining Room Decorating Ideas…on a dime Learn all about dining room decorating on a dime with these top 5 decorating ideas. The dining room is one of the most used spaces in the home where the family can gather together for meals each day. It’s also a place to entertain guests and allow them to feel welcome in your home. […]

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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates

Are you sick and tired of your old and shabby bathroom? Maybe you desperately want to do a makeover, but are still delaying it because you think you cannot afford it. Stop bothering and benefit from the advice below on how to refurbish your bath without spending a fortune. Use these budget-friendly bathroom updates from DIY DESIGN MOM and love your affordable new bathroom!

Private Property 2 comments

Private Property How to Create Privacy in Your Yard      Create Privacy in Your Yard No matter how much we love our neighbors, nobody wants to feel like living in a fishbowl so we have compiled these surefire ways to create privacy in your yard so no matter where you live, you can say without hesitation that it is […]

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4 Smart Lounge Area Design Ideas

Lounge area design can be a tricky endeavor especially since lounges are among the favorite rooms in a home for most people. This is where they you relax after a long day, enjoy your hobbies, and spend time with your family. Try these 4 Smart Lounge Area Design Ideas from DIY DESIGN MOM, the best interior design blog for moms and create a stunning space!

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Design Your Home Around Your Hobby

Design your home around your hobby Contributed by Natalie Miller It`s true that there are some amazing hobbies out there, but all these hobbies can become even more indulgent and fascinating if you do some small changes to your decor and design your home around your hobby. It comes to improve the colors of the walls or the shine and […]

Refreshing Vintage Bathroom Ideas

By mixing the old with that which is modern and almost unavoidable, a perfect vintage spirit is created. Here are some vintage bathroom ideas that will help you to refresh a bathroom, inspired by that which is old. Visit DIY DESIGN MOM, the best interior design website for Moms for more home and garden design ideas!

Revive an outdated bathroom with these vintage inspired ideas!

How to Afford Backyard Luxury

Customizing the look of your home’s exterior is one way to create a space that reflects your personality. There are many frugal ideas that you can try that will bring a high class look without high prices. Use this guide to learn how to afford backyard luxury with DIY DESIGN MOM.

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turn your home into a rustic paradise

4 Tips to Turn Your Home into a Rustic Paradise 3 comments

If you have ever stayed at a log cabin during a vacation, there were moments you wished it could last forever. Now, you can keep that feeling with these four tips that will turn your home into a rustic paradise. Some features may already be in place in your home, including things such as hardwood floors, quilts, and lanterns. Leather and wood furniture are other items that most homes have, which will make the transformation a snap. Now you can turn your home into a rustic paradise.

5 Fixes for Your Memorial Day Tablescape

Honor our fallen soldiers with these 5 Fast Fixes for Your Memorial Day Tablescape. Read our DIY DESIGN MOM guide to celebrating Memorial Day tastefully by upgrading your tablescape and donating to our recommended charities to honor the sacrifice of our brave soldiers. Combine your patriotism with your love of design and your compassionate heart. These 5 Fast Fixes from DIY DESIGN MOM will up your typical boring barbecue into a noble affair to remember our heroes who sacrificed their lives to make our freedom possible.

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Brilliant Small Bathroom Layouts 8 comments

   BRILLIANT SMALL BATHROOM LAYOUTS THAT WORK IN EVERY HOME   contributed by  Edna J. Thomson   If you have a small bathroom and want it to be functional yet elegant, follow this guide to achieving brilliant small bathroom layouts that work  in every home.  Each design concept is practical and stylish. These small bathroom layouts will help to maximize space […]

Korean Interior Design Inspiration 1 comment

Get the Look of Korean Interior Design This article is written by DIY Design Mom contributor, Edna J. Thomson People have always been fascinated by the secrets of the Eastern cultures and they often serve as an inspiration in different spheres, including the interior design realm. A lot of people prefer to have a room in their home or different […]


Silk Plants Direct Review 4 comments

MY SILK PLANTS DIRECT REVIEW   Look at what I received in the mail today, complimentary from Silk Plants Direct for testing purposes! I was allowed to select any of the silk flowers from their silk flowers collection with a budget of $80 for this Silk Plants Direct Review. This was such a difficult task because their selection is amazing. […]

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My Favorite Thing About Blogging 6 comments

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT BLOGGING So many people ask me what my favorite thing about blogging is, and while I want to say something that sounds sophisticated and humble, I’d rather just be honest. My favorite thing about blogging is the FREE STUFF! Yes, of course I love connecting with my readers and telling my story. Indeed I feel whole […]



5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun 18 comments

5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun Creating the time, energy, and motivation for regular workouts may seem impossible. However, with the right tricks up your sleeve, you can fool yourself into working out without even noticing it. In fact, you might even enjoy it. Take the “work” out of working out and make fitness fun! Follow these 5 tips to […]

Mood-Boosting Decorating 1 comment

10 Mood-Boosting Decorating Tricks   I do not make resolutions in January. No, I am the sort of person that follows the sun and the seasons rather than using a man-made calendar to schedule my moments of deep inner reflection. The saying “out with the old, in with the new” ought to be used at the turn of the season. Like […]



Friday Frugal Finds: Persian Rugs

FRIDAY FRUGAL FINDS:Persian Rugs  This week on Friday Frugal Finds we take a look at Persian Rugs and see how this timeless classic has graced the floors of castles, estates, and well-refined homes for centuries. Nothing can instantly upgrade a room as quickly as a Persian rug can and these colorful rugs are fantastic options to tie a room together. […]

DIY Design Mom Appoints Senior Designer

DIY Design Mom Appoints New Senior Designer Fast Growing DIY Media Firm Strengthens Resources   Brooklyn, NY-February 25, 2015 –DIY Design Mom ( announced today that Nancy Nadeau has joined the firm to further develop their design innovations to meet the needs of a growing portfolio of regional and national advertising accounts. Nadeau comes with a wealth of experience within the […]


Save Hundreds on Brand Name Furniture 3 comments

    Strategies for Getting Discounts on Brand Name Furniture…my sneaky secrets revealed annamatic3000 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND 1.Open Box- Look for the coffee table you want within a store’s open box inventory. You can negotiate lower prices if you can buy the floor model or if you find a table that looks like it was returned or has […]


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Friday Frugal Finds 3 comments

coco+kelley / Foter / CC BY-NC  SHOP DIY DESIGN MOM WITH FRIDAY FRUGAL FINDS FROM AMAZON.COM WISH YOUR ROOMS LOOKED LIKE THE ONES IN THE MAGAZINES? NO PROBLEM Are you a compulsive window shopper like me? Do you troll the internet looking at home decor and furniture wishing you could afford the gorgeous rooms you see on Pinterest? Well then […]

Liebster Award 5 comments

    DIY Design Mom is nominated for the 2015 Liebster Award!  I am very honored to be nominated for this year’s Liebster Award. This is an award that takes place within the blogging community and I owe many thanks to Mandy from Sparkle Shiny Love for this nomination. I accept this award with gratitude and am flattered that you have […]


How to be a Timeless Fashion Icon 5 comments

HOW TO BE A TIMELESS FASHION ICON   The First Step of the Code: Find your Color Palette  Many interior designers plan their color scheme around a single object such as a piece of art. Similarly, you can create a timeless wardrobe by using patterns, plaids, or prints to establish your color palette.  Look at for palette inspiration as […]



DIY Youthful Glow Scrub 1 comment

It is better than Botox, cheaper than Lipo, and is Good for you. I am talking about my secret recipe for my DIY Youthful Glow Scrub. All you need is just two ingredients: coffee grinds and coconut oil. This scrub can be used on your face and body to beat the winter dryness that seems to impact our skin and […]

JANUARY is the Best Time to SHOP for…

January IS THE BEST TIME TO SHOP FOR… The after Christmas rush is beginning to slow down as we hit mid January, which means all those gifts that needed to get taken back and exchanged have been taken back, so retailers need to adjust for the slow-down effect that occurs after the first 2-3 weeks after a big holiday. Right now, […]


5 Decor Trends of 2015 4 comments

5 DECOR TRENDS OF 2015 AND HOW YOU CAN GET THEM FOR LESS   You can always buy decor pieces from the expensive stores and pay a huge markup fee but if you are like me and view decor as a type of commodity, then let me save you the time of researching the trends so you can get the […]


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The Park Avenue Penthouse Inspired by Art

The use of art can be a powerful tool in interior design, however, it is often said that to style a room around a unique piece of artwork can be difficult. Thus, the creative minds at have presented me with a challenge to design a room inspired by art and demonstrate how to end these design woes by using my […]

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Get Your Brand in Front of the $2.5 Trillion Mom Market  Founder of Top Mommy Blog Announces Free Ads for One Year Contest Brooklyn, New York DIY Design Mom is more than a mommy-blog, but rather a multimedia business devoted to helping moms find the solutions they need while bringing companies to the forefront of this leading consumer niche. […]

My Fave Mommy & Me Store: The Matching Dots

A DIY Design Mom Favorite: MY FAVE MOMMY & ME STORE: The Matching Dots  Get 10% off by entering Promo Code DIYMOM at checkout! After writing last month’s article about mommy and me style, I found The Matching Dots and instantly fell in love with this company! Not only does this shop offer some of the most adorably chic clothing for moms […]

A DIY Design Mom Fave


10 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Moms 1 comment

INSTANT,CHIC, and AFFORDABLE DIY COSTUMES FOR MOMS Only 7 days left until Halloween!  Did you spend all your time thinking about, finding, and purchasing your children’s costumes while leaving yourself out of the masqueraderie? I did. After all, Halloween is for the kids and of course, you do not want to outshine them on this magical spooky day. This makes sense, […]

I Eat My Kid’s Halloween Candy


 Please tell me I am not the only one. 

I eat my kid’s halloween candy. There I said it. Since I am on the topic of the motherhood confessional…I eat the candy from birthday party goody bags that I deem to be too dangerous for my precious tot. Laffy Taffy…MINE. Jawbreaker…sorry, kid.  Clearly, I am a very protective mother and sacrifice with extra calories all to demonstrate the importance of sharing. Maybe I am saving lives here and reducing the impact of childhood obesity in America. Or perhaps, I am just testing suspicious looking candy that is definitely poisoned by the neighborhood creep. 


Stop giving out apples and pennies!


I thought this was a perfect representation of my thoughts on Halloween candy. Right, Girlfriend?… and it’s a little humor for a lovely Friday!

Boring Halloween Treat-Givers Guilty of Healthy Goody Bags

Parents of children with birthday parties: Puhleeze stop with the healthy party favor thing….it’s like a double whammy to punish other moms. It’s not fun finding raisins at the bottom of the goody bag while my child finds that plastic whistle that becomes her new go-to toy. I would love to make a truce…can we please agree to omit any noisy or messy toys? How about adding some candy that parents like?

Post by DIY Design Mom.



3 WAYS TO MASTER The Mommy & Me Style Revival

  mommyandmestyle by jacquelynward featuring coats THE MOMMY AND ME TREND, Then and Now  Gone are the days of a mommy and me style that matched everything from head to toe. No more unflattering muu-muus, bye bye puff-sleeves, and adios head to toe matchy matchy mini-me getup. Maybe you were one of those mini=me’s. I confess, I was a wide-brimmed […]

Halloween Decorating

Halloween Decorating Every year, my husband and I try to do outdo last year’s decorations. Halloween Decorating in our Home is a HUGE Deal! My husband loves Halloween decorating more than anything and as soon as October 1st rolls around you better believe Christopher is coming home from work with some orange/purple lights, pumpkins, or any other type of spooky […]

my home with halloween decor


Falling for Trendy Fall Coats

FALLING FOR TRENDY FALL COATS: Affordable, Chic, On-Trend by Jacquelyn Ward   TREND: Quilted Fall 2014 coats take an equestrian approach with quilting. This classic staple is not only perfect for rainy days and the chilly weather, this khaki coat is chic and affordable at $38.33       TREND: Faux Fur Nothing says glam like fur…faux fur because we […]

Looks for Less Horchow Lena Living Room 1 comment

Get this Lena Living Room by Horchow with my Looks for Less!  I love everything about Horchow…every detail, design, trend, fabric, layout….I love it all, except for just one thing…The price! It is so expensive. Now, of course, some items are more expensive because they are made from better quality materials. That makes sense and I believe it is important […]



Resources for Style on the Cheap!

Resources for Style on the Cheap value shopping  Target  is one of the best places to visit online if you have an eye for style. For more guidance Stick with Threshold and Nate Berkus lines there and always see inspiration boards on this blog or check out my pinterest page. Kirklands-you have to hunt to find something on trend, but […]