Glam Window Guide image of shuttered blinds in a dining room photo

Learn how to dress up your windows with this Glam Window Guide from DIY Design Mom.

Glam Windows Guide

concrete polishing

When you plan to renovate your home you can easily incorporate concrete polishing for an overall modern feel that is cost-effective, fast, and easy to maintain. Read all about concrete polishing with DIY Design Mom, the best interior design blog for Moms.

Concrete Polishing

best shed designs image of blue shed boat house

Selecting the best shed designs can be difficult. This how to guide from DIY DESIGN MOM, the best interior design blog for Moms, will help you to select a shed that will compliment your house and be tailored to your needs.

How to Select the Best Shed Designs

space-savings secrets

Use these 7 space-saving secrets from DIY Design Mom and see your home quickly turn into a beautifully organized and space maximized domain.

7 Space-Saving Secrets

Classic Kitchen Lighting & Cabinet Hardware | Rejuvenation

These cost-effective remodeling ideas from DIY Design Mom will do wonders for creating fresh new looks that are simple and inexpensive.

Cost-Effective Remodeling

maintain your dream home photo 1 comment

Have you been keeping up with the kardashians more than you are keeping up with your home repairs and maintenance? Like most homeowners, you want to protect your investment but it can seem tedious and burdensome when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Don't fret, these 4 ways to maintain your dream home simplifies the process and puts you in more control of your investment.

Maintain Your Dream Home

elegant bar photo of kitchen bar with stools

If you are looking for a chic update to your home, add an elegant bar as a focal point. Check out these tips to design the home bar of your dreams.

Elegant Bar Design Tips

eco-friendly kid rooms image of nursery photo

Eco-Friendly Kid Rooms   Decorating Ideas  Children’s rooms are areas of great concern for most parents and caregivers […]

Eco-Friendly Kid Rooms

Decorating dining room ideas photo

Dining Room Decorating Ideas…on a dime Learn all about dining room decorating on a dime with these top […]

Dining Room Decorating

living room photo with practical decor accent pieces photo image

When planning to decorate a room, select accent pieces that do double duty. Use these ideas from DIY Design Mom to learn how to incorporate fun and practical décor into your home!

Practical Decor Ideas

Budget-friendly bathroom updates image photo of bathroom sink mirror cabinets

Are you sick and tired of your old and shabby bathroom? Maybe you desperately want to do a makeover, but are still delaying it because you think you cannot afford it. Stop bothering and benefit from the advice below on how to refurbish your bath without spending a fortune. Use these budget-friendly bathroom updates from DIY DESIGN MOM and love your affordable new bathroom!

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates

private property photo of home with privacy features plants, walls image

Use this renovating checklist for a successful and custom renovation of your dreams!

Renovating Checklist

toolkit basics photo image

These toolkit basics from DIY Design Mom teach you the 5 key essentials you need in your toolbox to conquer any DIY project!

Toolkit Basics

scandinavian minimalist design living room photo

Sometimes less really is more! Learn how to achieve minimalist design looks in your home with www.DIYDESIGNMOM.COM, the best interior design blog for Moms.

Minimalist Design

Lounge Area Design Photo with neutral colors

Lounge area design can be a tricky endeavor especially since lounges are among the favorite rooms in a home for most people. This is where they you relax after a long day, enjoy your hobbies, and spend time with your family. Try these 4 Smart Lounge Area Design Ideas from DIY DESIGN MOM, the best interior design blog for moms and create a stunning space!

4 Smart Lounge Area Design Ideas

celebrity home image of house living room palm trees backyard photo 1 comment

If you think flipping houses is done by handymen who have no other source of income, you are terribly wrong. Believe it or not, even famous Hollywood figures make big bucks through real estate. Check out these 5 celebrities who flip homes on the side!

Celebrities Who Flip Homes On The Side

easy-bedroom-upgrades headboard against dark wall photo (img)

Designing a lavish and cozy master bedroom does not have to be terribly difficult or expensive. Just try these 5 easy bedroom upgrades and watch your bedroom transform into a lavish and cozy master suite.

Easy Bedroom Upgrades

country entryway ideas blue and white spode foyer image photo

Make a bold first impression and transform your foyer from dull and dated to fun and fresh with these easy and affordable cottage entryway ideas from DIY Design Mom, the best interior design blog for Moms.

Fresh Cottage Entryway Ideas


The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the house, so it deserves to look like a haven where you can unwind and relax. Use these 7 DIY Bathroom tricks to instantly spruce up your powder room!

7 DIY Bathroom Tricks

have yourself a crafty christmas pottery barn christmas stockings image photo

Home Alone is airing all over the TV stations and we all know what that means: the holidays are here! Check out these ideas to have yourself a crafty Christmas from

Have Yourself A Crafty Christmas

design your own work zone photo image

With just a bit of cunning planning, research and patience, you can in no time create your own perfect work zone. Check out these tips to design your own work zone to boost productivity while enjoying the home office aesthetics!

Design Your Own Work Zone

LG TwinWash Appliance featured photo for DIYDESIGNMOM.COM image

Learn how to multitask with LG and enter the Consumer Participation Event and vote for a chance to win the LG TwinWash!

Multitask with LG Twin Wash™

cramped kitchen after photo for 1 comment

Cramped kitchens can turn cooking your favorite meals into a frustrating test of patience. It is difficult to enjoy a small kitchen that seems to lack enough space even for the necessities. Reduce your stress and improve your kitchen with these space-saving secrets.

Secrets to Defeat A Cramped Kitchen

home cleaning secrets from DIY DESIGN MOM featured image photo

Stop wasting your time with the same cleaning routine. Learn these home cleaning secrets from to become more quick and efficient.

Home Cleaning Secrets

mid-century modern holiday trim the tree chairish diydesignmom photo

Learn how to Style a retro-chic mid-century modern holiday with these design ideas from DIYDESIGNMOM for

A Mid-Century Modern Holiday

decorate your porch for winter diy design mom featured image

Use these tricks to decorate your porch for winter. Learn from DIY DESIGN MOM, the best home and garden blog for moms, & achieve a seasonally chic porch this winter!

How to Decorate Your Porch for Winter image shower need-to-know-bathroom-trends

Here is everything you need to know about bathroom trends. Want a cutting edge bathroom? Keep reading for the #bathroom trend essentials from DIY Design Mom

Need to Know Bathroom Trends

Revive an outdated bathroom with these vintage inspired ideas!

By mixing the old with that which is modern and almost unavoidable, a perfect vintage spirit is created. Here are some vintage bathroom ideas that will help you to refresh a bathroom, inspired by that which is old. Visit DIY DESIGN MOM, the best interior design website for Moms for more home and garden design ideas!

Refreshing Vintage Bathroom Ideas

best source for rug pads featured photo for

Visit to find out the best source for rug pads. Get 15% off with our promo code. Learn why is a premiere source for rug pads! #AFF #Spon #Ad #Advertisement #Sponsored

Best Source for Rug Pads…Revealed!

fun halloween printable free on DIYDESIGNMOM photo

Use these fun Halloween printables to decorate your home for Halloween with DIY DESIGN MOM! DIY Halloween decorating is simple with Halloween printable sets

Fun Halloween Printables

create a flower garden from scratch featured image

Learn how to create a flower garden from scratch with these gardening tips that require minimal effort with maximum results. Visit DIY Design Mom, the best interior design blog for moms for more easy tips and home and garden ideas!

Create a Flower Garden from Scratch


With falling temperatures this Fall and Winter season, stay warm and stylish with these cozy decorating tips from, the best interior design blog for Moms.

Cozy Decorating Tips for Cold Weather

DIY Toy Storage Ideas Photo for

These DIY Toy Storage Projects will help make your life and your home much more organized. DIY DESIGN MOM provides design ideas that beautify and simplify.

6 DIY Toy Storage Ideas

ambiance cover image for

Even the most artfully decorated room can appear drab and dreary without appropriate lighting, so learn how to understand ambiance from

Understanding Ambiance

autumn decorating trends DIY DESIGN MOM image

There is nothing worse than over-the-top, tacky autumn decorating. Instead, use these chic easy autumn decorating and DIY ideas with, the best interior design blog for Moms.

Autumn Decorating

how to afford backyard luxury image

Customizing the look of your home’s exterior is one way to create a space that reflects your personality. There are many frugal ideas that you can try that will bring a high class look without high prices. Use this guide to learn how to afford backyard luxury with DIY DESIGN MOM.

How to Afford Backyard Luxury


Want the best tricks to achieve a Victorian-Inspired Living Room? Check out Victorian-Inspired Living Room Tricks on, the best home design blog for Moms

Victorian-Inspired Living Room Tricks

home-improvement-on-a-budget-photo 2 comments

House makeovers are quite expensive and labor-intensive. If you have to stick to a tight budget, check out these 10 home improvement on a budget tips

Home Improvement on a Budget

your garden oasis photo 3 comments

Your Garden Oasis is a captivating article about how mom's can build their garden to connect with themselves, their children, and Mother Earth.

Your Garden Oasis

turn your home into a rustic paradise 3 comments

If you have ever stayed at a log cabin during a vacation, there were moments you wished it could last forever. Now, you can keep that feeling with these four tips that will turn your home into a rustic paradise. Some features may already be in place in your home, including things such as hardwood floors, quilts, and lanterns. Leather and wood furniture are other items that most homes have, which will make the transformation a snap. Now you can turn your home into a rustic paradise.

4 Tips to Turn Your Home into a Rustic Paradise

kate spade inspired diy decor gallery wall photo 7 comments, the best interior design blog for Moms, shows how to create Kate Spade Inspired DIY Decor for designer style on a budget. Learn how to use fabric for alternative purposes and create affordable Kate Spade Inspired DIY Decor, Throw Pillows, and DIY Kate Spade Inspired Tote Bags for Summer.


australian-interior-design image of delft 2 comments

This Australian Interior Design article from DIY DESIGN MOM will inspire you to incorporate Australian decorating trends in your home decor and design. This article is crafted by Zoe Clark, Australian home design expert, for DIY DESIGN MOM, the Best Interior Design Blog for Moms.

Australian Interior Design Inspiration

Decorate-your-home-for-staycation-luxury photo

Learn how to Decorate Your Home for Staycation Luxury with DIY Design Mom, the best interior design blog for Moms. Decorate Your Home to feel like you are staying at a 5-star hotel without the expense.

Decorate Your Home for Staycation Luxury

memorial day tablescape photo

Honor our fallen soldiers with these 5 Fast Fixes for Your Memorial Day Tablescape. Read our DIY DESIGN MOM guide to celebrating Memorial Day tastefully by upgrading your tablescape and donating to our recommended charities to honor the sacrifice of our brave soldiers. Combine your patriotism with your love of design and your compassionate heart. These 5 Fast Fixes from DIY DESIGN MOM will up your typical boring barbecue into a noble affair to remember our heroes who sacrificed their lives to make our freedom possible.

5 Fixes for Your Memorial Day Tablescape

pumpkins-469641_1280 1 comment

I Eat My Kid’s Halloween Candy MOMFESSION  Please tell me I am not the only one.  I eat […]

my home with halloween decor

Halloween Decorating Every year, my husband and I try to do outdo last year’s decorations. Halloween Decorating in […]

Halloween Decorating


FALLING FOR TRENDY FALL COATS: Affordable, Chic, On-Trend by Jacquelyn Ward TREND: Quilted Fall 2014 coats take […]

Falling for Trendy Fall Coats

Venison label graphic image photo

Plan Meals Easily with Labeley, a customizable label maker for cooking, organization, and DIY crafts.

Plan Meals Easily!

White and black house concreter image

Not everything is DIY project, so here are some tips when hiring a professional. Check out these tips for hiring a concreter for an expertly crafted home!

Hiring a Pro? Try a Concreter

Diydesignmom decorate your kids room

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room Use these creative ways to decorate your kids room and […]

Decorate Your Kids Room